General Membership Meeting
June 17. 2010

General Business - Guest Speakers

Kirk Nelson, Capitol View Farmers Market
Wednesdays 3-7 pm
20 vendors
Located at N. Star and Sharpsburg in Grandview Commons

Larry Schmock, Owner of Sundown Saloon, 57 S Stoughton Rd
The bar is a 99 capacity bar. They are trying very hard to be good neighbors. Don't even take out trash after 9 pm. They would like the flexibility to have live amplified music for special events. Law changed to (now) need to apply for a 21+ Entertainment license. Seeking RMNA endorsement for that change. Questions followed.

Motion made and seconded to support Sundown Saloon's application for the 21+ Entertainment license. PASSED unanimously. President Polancih directed to write letter to ALRC to that effect with copy to Mr Schmock. MP will also contact households directly behind the establishment for their comments, and urged Mr Schmock to do the same.

Officer Anne Thurber, East District Police

Neighborhood Watch & Personal Safety Presented the "9 House Model" as more effective than the old formal NW where a whole block had to be involved.

Personal Safety suggestions:

  • "Light it up and Lock it!"
  • Leave radio on
  • Landscape plants should be maintained less than 3 ft tall.
  • Don't carry a purse - only carry what fits in your pocket - or keep purse contents to a minimum.
  • Always let someone know where you are going and when you will return-even if you live alone!
  • Security Systems are a personal choice.

Adoption of Agenda


Approval of the Minutes (none available from 3/10)

Elected Officers' Reports

President Polancih (See attached report)

Wrote letter to ALRC on behalf of RMNA requesting Walgreen's application for alcohol license be denied. Spoke at ALRC meeting on 6/16/10. License denied due to objection from neighborhood association and License saturation.
Vice President Klaben (absent) (MP reporting)

TK made first round of contacts to over 20 neighborhood businesses for webpage ads. Kruse Realtors bought a 1 yr ad, Lakes UCC bought a one time ad. Intent is to make a second round of contacts offering lower cost ads

Treasurer Northrup

Current checking acct balance $707.37 plus check received tonight. Officers discussing switching acct to a credit union with lower fees.

Reports of Standing Committees

Traffic - Jim Schuhart, Chairperson
General opinion is the traffic is no better on Acewood Blvd than before the traffic calming islands were installed.

Sign Project - Darold Lowe, Chairperson

Committee recommends location on Acewood Blvd in median between Walgreen's and Sentry. Recommend 4'x6'   using a modified version of the sign by one bidder. Received 3 bids. Cost expected to be $22000-$2300 plus taxes and permit. City can waive permit fee (usually does upon request by NA). Ald. Cnare has to submit resolution to City Council before we can actually install the sign. City has grant of up to $2000 we can apply for early next year.

Motion: Accept design recommend by committee. Seconded. Discussion. PASSED (unanimous).

Committee recommends a Fundraising Committee be created. Committee will create a plan to raise needed funds from business and neighbors. Discussion. Sign up sheet passed around. MP reported theatVP Tim Klaben has agreed to serve on the committee. RMNA members were urged to seek out neighbors with expertise in fundraising to serve on this committee. Contact any officer or Chr. Lowe to volunteer.

NOTE: Several individuals gave checks with: "neighborhood sign " written in on the memo line. These checks and all other donations designated specifically for this project will be segregated and accounted for separately by the treasurer. Anyone interested in donating money for the sign can give a check to Treasurer Northrup or Comm Chr Lowe.
Old Business

  • A. Fundraising efforts status report (see VP report)
  • B. Membership & RMNA Brochure (See President's report)
  • C. Newsletter & website update No additional info. Please inform neighbors of the website.
  • D. Summer picnic No interest.
  • E. Need for additional committee chairpersons (See handout)

New Business

  • A. Proposed liquor licenses for Walgreens - Acewood at Cottage Grove Rd and license enhancement for Sundowners Saloon (see above)
  • B. Gypsy moth infestations Info from Marla Eddy, City Forsester (See handout) Merl Meier talked to DNR and City Forestry staff. Suggested burlap skirts around trunk. Moths hide under it during the day. Remove in afternoon and dump moths in soapy water. We weren't included in DNR spraying this spring. Make sure to report any trees infested to help document need for control measures next spring.
  • C. Neighborhood Watch (See separate documents provided by Ofr. Thurber)

Other Business/Announcements

  • Call for nominations for election of officers Election 9/9/2010
  • Grocery store proposed for Grandview Commons Big box store with entrance onto Cottage Grove Rd being discussed. Grandview neighbors opposed. Nothing submitted yet.
  • SHARE food buying club (handout)
  • Madison Rezoning Info meeting June 22 and June 24
  • Electronics Recycling Event, Saturday, June 19 from 8am-2 pm @ Alliant Energy Center.
  • Conservation Park Tours
  • Goodman Pool is open for the season
  • Capitol Neighborhoods speaker John Norquist June 24

Next Meeting September 9, 2010 will be the Annual Meeting & ELECTIONS. Candidates welcomed for all positions. (See handout)
Adjourned 8:45 pm.


April 16, 2009
General Membership Meeting

General Business
Meeting was called to order 6:35 pm by President Hanson. Officers and guest Adria Ehly, East Community Police Officer, were introduced.

Adoption of Agenda
Motion to approve agenda by Darold Lowe with second by Merl Maiers. Passed.

Approval of the Minutes of January 15, 2009
No corrections requested. Jim Schuhart moved approval with second by Teresa Northrup. Passed.
Elected Officers' Reports

President Hanson
Street Resurfacing scheduled to begin on/after April 27 on Shearwater, Bob-O-Link, Hummingbird and Goldfinch. Bob talked to the city manager responsible for supervising contractors. Copies of 2009 and 2010 plans for street resurfacing in RMNA area were provided. Some residents reported they never received notices sent by the City regarding the work to be done. Discussion.

Newsletter sent out electronically the week before the meeting did not include nine articles submitted. These were provided as a handout. Tim Klaben apologized and noted that he was able to obtain two additional months of free access to, so the second issue was also published without cost.

Kennedy Park landfill - RMNA residents recently received a letter from Ald. Cnare regarding the infilling of the old seasonal ice skating rink area with material from the dredging of the mouth of the Yahara River and other soils. Bob went over and looked at the site, then communicated with Ald Cnare, requesting assurance that the known toxins discussed in the letter won't end up in the groundwater below the site. No response to date. Discussion.
Home Invasion Prevention - Guest Speaker: Adria Ehly, East Community Police Officer

Officer Ehly shared a "Nine House Model" suggested by MPD. Get to know your immediate neighbors --the households on each side of your house, the three houses across the street from you and the three houses behind you. Know the occupants by sight and name. Share phone numbers. Be aware of their general routines. Know what types of cars they drive, etc. This will help you recognize unusual events and vehicles.

Off. Ehly discussed the two types of violent crime/theft common in residential areas like ours; thefts from homes and cars. She had reviewed cases in the area. Of the reports of burglaries where the house was locked, no entry was made. Of the theft from auto reports she reviewed, five were unlocked cars, four were from items outside the car and only two were from locked cars.               

Off. Ehly pointed out that home invasions are almost always targeted homes where drugs and money from drug sales are known to be present. She urged RMNA residents to be more concerned with residential burglaries and thefts from autos, and pointed out that while we do have incidents of both they are much more prevalent in other parts of the city and county. Again, lock your doors and report suspicious activity to 9-1-1.

Crime Prevention Suggestions:

Cars - Keep locked. Keep valuables out of sight. Keep in the garage, when possible.

Homes - Lock your doors. Remember to keep windows locked. If you want ventilation, you can buy inexpensive, easily installed devices to allow you to lock partially open windows at hardware or home improvement store. Note: Crime Prevention Officer Frank Chandler (266-4238) can come assess your house and offer suggestions to improve safety features.

If you experience a crime:

  • Don't touch anything.
  • Call 911 immediately.


If you call 9-1-1, please be patient. There are only five lines going in to the cal center. If you get a busy signal, call back immediately. Be patient and answer the questions put to you. They must follow a protocol to be sure to get all the needed info. Know that there are two people involved in responding to your 9-1-1 call. The first person receives the call and obtains the needed information. The information is passed to the dispatcher who assigns the call to police and or other emergency services.

Discussion and comments followed. President Hanson reported he has requested someone from 9-1-1 system to come speak at an RMNA meeting. He has not yet received a response.

Vice President Matt Hornbeck
Proposed Rolling Meadows Welcome Sign - Matt and Bob have begun researching what is required to obtain a sign. Money is available through city grant sources. From contact with other neighborhood associations (NAs) the process is a long one. Bob presented photos he took of several different sign styles purchased by other NAs. Matt reports there are many things to be considered before sign selection and sighting, and NAs contacted offered advice on how to make our applications more likely to be successful.

Many questions were asked about signs, siting and the process to obtain a grant to fund the sign(s). Additional info provided: Unsure how much money is available. Other NAs report the whole grant process takes 8-9 months, needs approval from several city departments and Common Council. We will need three bids. Most recent grant cycle deadline was last month, so we have time to get ready for the next grant deadline. Landscaping would be required as part of the site. RMNA would be responsible for ongoing maintenance (sign and landscaping) and any future repairs. Public property (street boulevard) is usual site for such a sign. Commercial property with permission of the owner was used for one Heistadt NA sign.

Matt requested volunteers to assist with the project. He will report progress at the next meeting.

Treasurer Teresa Northrup
No charges to the RMNA checking account. Previous balance of $730.55 remains.

Secretary Mary Polancih
Received several additions to the roster of members. These have been added to the email list for the newsletter. Received several inquiries from residents which were forwarded to the appropriate officer for response. Continue to receive communications from city departments and community agencies. Many were forwarded for use in the newsletter.

Reports of Standing Committees

Safety Committee - Sue Allen
(Absent) No report.

Dog Park Committee - Julia Nabor
(Absent) No report.

Traffic Committee - Jim Shuhart
Discussion of the proposed pedestrian island on Acewood and Bob-O-Link. Brian Lange made inquiries and discovered that money is still in the city budget for a project at that site, but no other info was available. Brief discussion.

Community Committee - Bob Hanson
Bob reported he has moved Newsletter Committee and Finance Committee into this committee so he can have fewer committees to oversee.

Old Business

Adding Business membership to RMNA Discussion. Bob reported he was told by city staff that the last RMNA was approached by area businesses who wanted to become members. __________ reported back in the 90's city staff encouraged RMNA to include only residential area when the RMNA boundaries were redrawn to include the Portland Parkway area. Discussion. Bob will meet with met with Ald.Cnare to try to get more history and info. He was urged to get suggestions of both the positives and negatives of such a change.

Committee Participation

Members for all committees are need. Contact any officer for more info or to volunteer.

New Business

Drugs in Our Neighborhood
Bob referred to the info offered by Officer Ehly and reminded neighbors to call police with information. Discussion. Bob advised that there is a concern that if you accuse an individual of a crime, (rather than just reporting what you observed) the accused has the right to know their accuser. It was pointed out that police seldom make arrest based on one complaint, but usually based on accumulated information and direct observations.

Earth Day
RMNA will sponsor a clean-up at McGinnis Park on Saturday, April 18, starting at 10 am. We will pick up trash. No tools are needed. Bob has made arrangements with Streets & Sanitation Dept. They will provide gloves and bags, and will pick up refuse collected.
Other Business/Announcement
Polancih shared info from Sustain Dane ( ) about their ongoing RainReserve Rain Barrel program and also a new project this year to provide Dual Flush Toilet Tank Conversions. The conversion kits can covert any toilet, even the modern 1.6 gallon per flush toilets, to dual flush. This can allow a homeowner to save huge amounts of water each year. Kits cost $55 plus tax for the do-it-yourself kit, or $125 plus tax if installed for you. To get more information or purchase kits, contact or 316-6844
Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.