General Membership Meeting
March 14, 2013

President Tim Klaben called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Guest Speakers:
George Hank, City of Madison Building Inspector
Joe Reinhart, Eastside Catering and Hall
Terri Her, Acewood Alliance Pantry

George Hank spoke about the need for property owners to request a building permit with all remodeling projects for “peace of mind”. Contractors should pick up permits for all projects which show Contractor bonding and insurance. website is a good resource to check prior to any building/construction and has a connection to the Neighborhood Association websites. The Exterior Property Enforcement guide has city rules and violation reports. Complaints can be done online but the most important complaint is the second which a ticket can be issued. Construction time frame in completing an exterior project is two years; interior projects are open-ended. The city of Madison has 21 inspectors that cover new construction, heating and electrical, plumbing and heating, property maintenance, and housing inspections dealing with complaints. A project with a minimum of $500 needs a permit. Fees for a permit are based on the project, $25 being the minimum.

Joe Reinhart discussed the potential business of Eastside Catering and Hall, formerly known as Talula’s, coming into the neighborhood. It would entail meeting rooms, meals after funerals and wedding receptions. The hours would be noon to bar-time with a Safe Ride program within a 15 mile radius. Security would be provided between 9:00 p.m.-midnight. Alder Cnare stated that the proposal would be put in front of the Alcohol Review Board for a permit on 3/20/13 and in front of the Common Council on 4/16/13 for the Public Hearing. A discussion of the neighborhood attendees regarding the proposed name vs. “restaurant” in the name took place.

Terri Her announced that the Acewood Alliance Pantry was in its second month of operation distributing 150 # of food/week. The goal is to serve 6 households/week. They are in need of volunteers and provide one-hour training prior to working. The Pantry is open on Thursdays from 11:30-3:30 p.m. and the greatest needs are for food and hygiene donations. The Million Pound Challenge is available by registering on a website and connecting to a Food Pantry while physically working out at a Health Club. They are hopeful that grant proposals will enable an addition onto the New Beginnings Alliance Church with a joint Food and Clothing Pantry in the future.

Melissa Sargent, WI Representative for the State Assembly, was present to introduce herself to the neighborhood and to mention that the fear of the McKenzie Center closing would not be happening and that the DNR would keep it as is. Jeff Pertl, Candidate for County Supervisor introduced himself to the neighborhood.

President Tim Klaben presented Alder Lauren Cnare and stated that on 3/25/13 in the Gym of the Door Creek Church, a District 3 Council Neighborhood Forum would take place with the two candidates running for the Alderman position to discuss issues/topics of interest.

President Klaben announced the upcoming WISDOT meeting concerning Hwy 51/Cottage Grove Bridge Replacement, Ramps, and Approaches to be held on Tuesday, 3/19/13 at LaFollette High School at 6:00 p.m. On 3/20/13 Melissa Sargent would be present at the Whitehorse Middle School to discuss the same topic.

President Klaben discussed developing a combined Watch Program for RMNA and the Heritage Heights Neighborhood with the help of the City of Madison Police Department and Alder Cnare. An Online program called Nextdoor was presented for welcoming and getting acquainted with your neighbors. It would also be a communication between your neighbors to present issues of the neighborhood for safety as well.

Announcements for the RMNA upcoming events:

  1. RMNA Block Captain Meeting on Thursday, 4/11/12 @ the Great Dane at 7 p.m.
  2. RMNA Annual Park Cleanup, McGinnis Park-Sunday, 4/21/13 at 1:00 p.m.
  3. RMNA Neighborhood Garage Sale to be held June20th-June 22nd with a Brat/Hotdog Sale at Sentry Grocery Store on Saturday, June 22nd.
  4. Next RMNA meeting with be Thursday, June 6th at 7 pm at the New Beginnings Alliance Church

Jordy Natzke, Treasurer reported that the RMNA account has $2,880.27.

Additional discussion – having a Horticulturist speak regarding gardening and tree care at an upcoming meeting. A suggestion of neighborhood meetings to be held every other month between September through June. Jordy Natzke suggested holding 3 Brat Sales/year as fundraisers. Another suggestion was holding Plant Exchanges with neighborhood people and donating profits to RMNA.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:03 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Maureen Engelberger, Secretary.

General Membership Meeting
June 17. 2010

General Business - Guest Speakers

Kirk Nelson, Capitol View Farmers Market
Wednesdays 3-7 pm
20 vendors
Located at N. Star and Sharpsburg in Grandview Commons

Larry Schmock, Owner of Sundown Saloon, 57 S Stoughton Rd
The bar is a 99 capacity bar. They are trying very hard to be good neighbors. Don't even take out trash after 9 pm. They would like the flexibility to have live amplified music for special events. Law changed to (now) need to apply for a 21+ Entertainment license. Seeking RMNA endorsement for that change. Questions followed.

Motion made and seconded to support Sundown Saloon's application for the 21+ Entertainment license. PASSED unanimously. President Polancih directed to write letter to ALRC to that effect with copy to Mr Schmock. MP will also contact households directly behind the establishment for their comments, and urged Mr Schmock to do the same.

Officer Anne Thurber, East District Police

Neighborhood Watch & Personal Safety Presented the "9 House Model" as more effective than the old formal NW where a whole block had to be involved.

Personal Safety suggestions:

  • "Light it up and Lock it!"
  • Leave radio on
  • Landscape plants should be maintained less than 3 ft tall.
  • Don't carry a purse - only carry what fits in your pocket - or keep purse contents to a minimum.
  • Always let someone know where you are going and when you will return-even if you live alone!
  • Security Systems are a personal choice.

Adoption of Agenda


Approval of the Minutes (none available from 3/10)

Elected Officers' Reports

President Polancih (See attached report)

Wrote letter to ALRC on behalf of RMNA requesting Walgreen's application for alcohol license be denied. Spoke at ALRC meeting on 6/16/10. License denied due to objection from neighborhood association and License saturation.
Vice President Klaben (absent) (MP reporting)

TK made first round of contacts to over 20 neighborhood businesses for webpage ads. Kruse Realtors bought a 1 yr ad, Lakes UCC bought a one time ad. Intent is to make a second round of contacts offering lower cost ads

Treasurer Northrup

Current checking acct balance $707.37 plus check received tonight. Officers discussing switching acct to a credit union with lower fees.

Reports of Standing Committees

Traffic - Jim Schuhart, Chairperson
General opinion is the traffic is no better on Acewood Blvd than before the traffic calming islands were installed.

Sign Project - Darold Lowe, Chairperson

Committee recommends location on Acewood Blvd in median between Walgreen's and Sentry. Recommend 4'x6'   using a modified version of the sign by one bidder. Received 3 bids. Cost expected to be $22000-$2300 plus taxes and permit. City can waive permit fee (usually does upon request by NA). Ald. Cnare has to submit resolution to City Council before we can actually install the sign. City has grant of up to $2000 we can apply for early next year.

Motion: Accept design recommend by committee. Seconded. Discussion. PASSED (unanimous).

Committee recommends a Fundraising Committee be created. Committee will create a plan to raise needed funds from business and neighbors. Discussion. Sign up sheet passed around. MP reported theatVP Tim Klaben has agreed to serve on the committee. RMNA members were urged to seek out neighbors with expertise in fundraising to serve on this committee. Contact any officer or Chr. Lowe to volunteer.

NOTE: Several individuals gave checks with: "neighborhood sign " written in on the memo line. These checks and all other donations designated specifically for this project will be segregated and accounted for separately by the treasurer. Anyone interested in donating money for the sign can give a check to Treasurer Northrup or Comm Chr Lowe.
Old Business

  • A. Fundraising efforts status report (see VP report)
  • B. Membership & RMNA Brochure (See President's report)
  • C. Newsletter & website update No additional info. Please inform neighbors of the website.
  • D. Summer picnic No interest.
  • E. Need for additional committee chairpersons (See handout)

New Business

  • A. Proposed liquor licenses for Walgreens - Acewood at Cottage Grove Rd and license enhancement for Sundowners Saloon (see above)
  • B. Gypsy moth infestations Info from Marla Eddy, City Forsester (See handout) Merl Meier talked to DNR and City Forestry staff. Suggested burlap skirts around trunk. Moths hide under it during the day. Remove in afternoon and dump moths in soapy water. We weren't included in DNR spraying this spring. Make sure to report any trees infested to help document need for control measures next spring.
  • C. Neighborhood Watch (See separate documents provided by Ofr. Thurber)

Other Business/Announcements

  • Call for nominations for election of officers Election 9/9/2010
  • Grocery store proposed for Grandview Commons Big box store with entrance onto Cottage Grove Rd being discussed. Grandview neighbors opposed. Nothing submitted yet.
  • SHARE food buying club (handout)
  • Madison Rezoning Info meeting June 22 and June 24
  • Electronics Recycling Event, Saturday, June 19 from 8am-2 pm @ Alliant Energy Center.
  • Conservation Park Tours
  • Goodman Pool is open for the season
  • Capitol Neighborhoods speaker John Norquist June 24

Next Meeting September 9, 2010 will be the Annual Meeting & ELECTIONS. Candidates welcomed for all positions. (See handout)
Adjourned 8:45 pm.