General Membership Meeting
November 8, 2012

President Tim Klaben called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Guest Speakers:
Mark Hanson, City of Madison Assessor
JoAnn Terasa, City of Madison Assistant Assessor
Kenn Finn, City of Madison Residential Appraiser for RMNA

Mark Hanson informed all in attendance that Assessments are done annually with January 1 always being the assessment date with home values based prior to January 1. Assessments are based on property changes and trends as well as physical changes. Property owners can have assessments reviewed for one month after notification.

JoAnn Terasa stated that building inspections can be done throughout the year. This year was first year where homes decreased in value. She also stated that the Federal government wants interest rates low until 2015.

President Tim Klaben requested a need for speakers for future meetings and suggestions were made on topics: Building Permits, Taxes, Recycling, Community Gardens, and Master Gardeners.

Matt Karnick suggested moving meeting to 7:00 p.m. but keep them on Thursday evenings. Discussion was made about possibly holding the neighborhood meetings to monthly or every two months.

Pastor Baxter, New Beginnings Alliance Church, shared information about the Acewood Alliance Pantry which accepts donations of food or hygiene items for the needy. Pastor Baxter also gave information about “Shoe Box for Kids” which accepts shoe boxes filled with academic and personal items to be distributed to children and single mothers in shelters. These boxes are wrapped with Christmas paper and given as presents in the Holiday season.

President Tim Klaben discussed the topic of Noise Abatement of the Airport that Dane County Supervisor Joel Parisi is concerned about pertaining to our neighborhood. Joel Parisi will be invited to discuss at an upcoming meeting, after November, 2013.

President Tim Klaben presented Certificates of Appreciation to Pastor(s) Rick and Baxter for all that they do for our neighborhood, including providing the space for our meetings.

Darold Lowe moved to adjorn meeting at 8:05 p.m. and Darlene White seconded it.


Respectfully submitted by Maureen Engelberger, Secretary.

AuthorWilliam Schuth
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