General Membership Meeting
March 10, 2011

Officers: President Mary Polancich, Treasurer Theresa Northrup, Secretary Gretchen Lowe present. Vice President Tim Klaben excused.

Gary Messenger of Dane County Timebank was the guest speaker for the evening. TimeBank is a 1800 member organization where members exchange services by earning credits for their services. There are seven TimeBanks in Wisconsin and it has been existence in Dane County for only five years, but now is the largest TimeBank in the country. Instead of money being exchanged, Timebank members exchange time. One hour is earned for a service you provide and can be exchanged for an hour of service you need. There is a screening process to check for sex offenders and felons.

Some of the most common services that people offer to exchange are pet services, gardening, transportation. One of the most requested services are fix up projects by handymen or handywomen.

Timebank will be opening a store at the Damascus Road church on Cottage Grove Road. Small appliances and other items in the store can be obtained by exchanging TimeBank hours earned. For more information call 663-0400 or email

Motion by Merl Maiers to adopt the agenda, seconded by Vern Maiers. Motion passed.

Motion by Merl Maiers to adopt the minutes, seconded by Theresa Northrup. Motion passed.

President’s Report

Mary explained that the boundary justification of the gypsy moth spray sites are determined by the amount of egg masses found in trees. DNR requires more than 13 egg masses to qualify for spraying. Because there were fewer masses found due to caterpillars killed by NPV, there will be less spraying done. The City forestry website has more information on gypsy moth spraying.

Heritage Heights will be getting traffic calming speed bumps on Merryturn with pedestrian support devices dispersed throughout.

Grandview Commons grocery store—meeting March 16 with changes to original proposal sent to the Plan Commission.

Invitation to attend Elvejhem Neighborhood meeting to network and exchange ideas.

Treasurer’s Report

Total Balance $2968.82 with $2329.49 set aside for sign.

Sign Committee Report

The Board of Estimates agreed to $1900 grant for RMNA sign. It now will go before the City Council. A check for $98.00 to be made out to the City Treasurer needs to be taken to Landscape design by Ann Eaves was taken to Zoning. Merl reported that the plants are now growing and under good care.

Old Business

In order to reestablish block captains, Mary put out a street map of the neighborhood asking people to sign up for one block in their neighborhood. The tasks that each block captain would be responsible for are to distribute meeting notice, newsletters and information when new neighbors moved in to the neighborhood.

We are also looking for someone to do layout work and produce the 2011 RMNA brochure.

New Business

Mary announced that she will not be running for RMNA president at our September meeting when election of officers occur. Future meeting dates June 16, Sept 22 and November 10.

Submitted by Gretchen Lowe, Secretary.