Alder Lauren Cnare announced she was organizing a public meeting with the current owner of the Rolling Meadows Shopping Center at the February RMNA general membership meeting. Last week Alder Cnare shared the details of that meeting, which will be held this Tuesday evening, on her District 3 website:

Since I have served as alder, people have asked about its future, its success and its struggles. People have good ideas and strong interest in it surviving well into this century.

It's natural for shopping malls to evolve over time - sometimes for a better fit and sometimes for a disaster. When we have a community-wide conversation before anything moves too much in any direction, we can be influential and effective in shaping the success and future of our mall.

I am holding a meeting so that we call can learn more about the mall and its current situation from the owner, and share your thoughts about the mall. We will learn how these types of properties function, how their lifespans unfold, and how they are kept healthy.

It's an opportunity for you to express support and offer some "market research" that can assist the mall. And, we'll take a few minutes to dream big - what would you like Rolling Meadows to offer and look like in 2064?

At least one member of the RMNA Executive Board will be attending, and we hope you'll join us. You can get the time and location details about the meeting on our Events page.

AuthorWilliam Schuth
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