Greetings, and Happy New Year!

What was once only a dream has become a vibrant and growing ministry to our community!  In less than a year, the Acewood Alliance Pantry has distributed TENS of thousands of pounds of food and essentials to neighbors in need, thanks to YOUR generosity and gifts of time and energy and love.  We look forward to celebrating our one-year anniversary in February, continuing to grow, setting new records and meeting new goals in 2014.

There are 5 weeks in January.  It is Team 2/4's turn to take the 5th week this time.  Please let me know if that doesn't work for anyone!

We welcome our newest volunteers, Jordyce Natzke and Philip Marshall, to our day-teams!

Our evening pantry teams are in full swing! January will mark their third rotation of service!  Hooray!

Due to a generous gift from a member of Victory Hmong church, the pantry was able to purchase two locking cabinets to ease set-up and take-down efforts and to provide greater security for our food storage. We are still working out how to best organize and most efficiently store product... thanks in advance for your patience!

Volunteer needs:  Our slots that could use more help are primarily second shift.  My (Terri's) name is in parentheses every second shift because I leave by 2:30 to pick up kids from school.  The resulting staffing shortage is less of an issue on first/third Thursdays because we leave much of the pantry set up for the evening shift, but if anyone is looking for more opportunities to serve, that would be our first priority.  Also, Second Harvest pick-ups (usually scheduled around 10 am) and unloading are currently done by Loreen, who is due this spring.  We will eventually need to train someone (preferably someone with a van or truck!) who would be willing to take over this job or split it with someone.

Many thanks for all you do!

Terri Her
(608) 332-4949

AuthorWilliam Schuth