General Membership Meeting
September 21, 2011

President Mary Polancih called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. All officers present.

Marybeth Witzel Behl, Madison City Clerk, did a presentation of the Voter ID bill recently passed into law.

Some changes in the law:

  • Residents must live in voting district at least 28 days before the election.
  • No registration or absentee voting at the City Clerk's office the Saturday, Sunday or Monday before the election; but you can still register at the polls on election day.
  • In the past a corroborating witness could vouch for you at the polls. This will no longer be allowed.
  • Photo ID required -- if voter does not have an ID with them, they can cast a "provisional ballot" that will be held until an ID with proof of address is shown at the City Clerk's office.
    • Acceptable ID:
      • Wis. Drivers License
      • Wis. ID card
      • passport
      • military ID card
      • Certificate of Naturalization within 2 years
      • Indian tribe ID card
      • college card with issue date, student signature, and expiration date within 2 years issuance along with proof of enrollment.
  • On election date election officials check ID, check expiration date, confirm name and address on poll book after voter states name and address, and has voter sign the poll book. Voters who are able to sign but refuse cannot receive a ballot.
  • Exemptions to signing the poll book:
    • Military voters
    • voters permanently overseas
    • confidential voters (domestic violence victims)
    • indefinitely confined
  • Absentee by mail
    • Send photocopy of ID with absentee request, once ID sent, future photocopies not necessary.
  • Absentee voting at City Clerk's Office.
  • In person voting starting two weeks prior to the election.
  • In person voting ends the Friday before the election. Same ID photo requirements as if voting at the polls.
  • Wisconsin ID cards are free for those eligible to vote and who do not have a Wis. Drivers License or ID card.

Alder Lauren Cnare gave a budget report:

Capitol budget-- During the rebuilding of the Central Library, Pinney Branch will hold Sunday hours. New fire station will not be in the budget this year, nor additional money for ash borer elimination.

Operating budget-- The two most important areas in the budget are basic services and social justice according to those attending public budget hearings. (1000 surveys on line and 500 in person)

Discussion from RMNA members-- privatization of some parks, crumbling pavement where patch work failed, Hummingbird sign-- building inspectors and police are watching for any building violations. Regarding improving Stoughton Road, it is not a priority.

Returning to the general meeting a motions of adoption of agenda was made by Merl Maiers, seconded by Darold Lowe and passed. Motion to approve the Secretary minutes was made by Matt Karnick, seconded by Merl Maiers and passed.

The title Block Captain should be changed to Street Captain.

Officers Report President: Mary Polancih (written report)

Attended Royster-Clark Site Development Comm. Meeting. There are 27 acres available for mixed sued development. Negotiations to purchase the site were in the process with intent to begin remediation immediately. Plan will proceed in stages with commercial areas abutting Cottage Grove Rd and Dempsey Rd. being first. Mary also was able to review the New Draft Zoning Map. Our neighborhood has no changes.

Vice President Klaben reported an increase on website (200 a month). The twice a year web fee is paid by Kruse Realtors.

Treasurer's Report

Theresa Northrup reported a total of $2523.01 with designated Sign fund at $2023.35

Sign Committee

Darold Lowe gave an outline of the logistics of the financial and placement of the RMNA Acewood sign. He and Merl Maiers will be looking for other sites and the committee will look into raising more money for this task.

Kennedy Alliance Network

Karen Reuss explained the committee was a collaboration of police, social networks and neighborhood associations pulling together for the children. Police report is that we are one of the safest areas in the cities. She is waiting to be contacted for future meetings.

Old Business


New Business

Consideration of proposed amendments to the RMNA Bylaws. Motion by Darold Lowe to adopt amendments as a whole, second by Jim Schuhart.

Election of Officers

After nominations, the following persons were elected by a motion of acclimation by Merl Maiers, seconded by Darold Lowe and passed.

  • President Tim Klaben
  • Vice President Matt Karnick
  • Treasurer Jordy Natzke
  • Secretary Gretchen Lowe
  • Members-at-Large
    • Vern Maiers
    • Merl Maiers
    • Darold Lowe
    • Mike Brewer

The next membership meeting will November 10th at 6:30. Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.

Submitted by
Gretchen Lowe, RMNA Secretary