General Membership Meeting
June 6, 2013

Vice President Matt Karnick called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Guest Speakers:
George Dreckmann, City of Madison Recycling Coordinator
Officer Dan Swanson, East District Police Department
Alder Lauren Cnare

George Dreckmann stated that a Program collecting Mattresses and Box Springs is planned for July, 2013. A $10 fee will be charged for each to the customer with the City paying $7 for each. The City Council may approve the program at the next meeting. Stickers can be purchased at a library. The metal will be recycled and the padding will be used for archery with the hope of recycling 90% of each mattress and box spring. There is 15-20,000 tons of waste that goes into a landfill per year. An anaerobic digester, which will cost $15 million to build, is being planned as an alternative to the landfill where bacteria eats the materials to form a gas which can be used for heating or cooling. Styrofoam should be taken to the Sycamore Recycling site. Styrofoam peanuts are not to be recycled. Wet Paint, gasoline, and other chemicals can be disposed of at the Dane County Landfill, which is open year round, and charges $10 per item. Hardened paint can be disposed in the trash bin. Paint can lids and empty cans can be recycled. Recommendation was made to keep screw caps on plastic bottles for recycling. George can be contacted at for any questions.

Police Officer Dan Swanson from the East Police Department inquired of the neighborhood any concerns: 1) ? need for electronic speed monitoring in front of Kennedy School which he recommended referring to the test team, 2) Stated that calls are answered according to priority and most calls have three officers present. Concerns can be referred to Lt. Trevor Knight and Capt. Mary Shaw. Expired medications can be disposed at the East District Police Department.

Lauren Cnare reported that neighbors can go to the City of Madison website “Report a Problem” for issues or call her. Sentry Shopping Center Owner, Mr. Metcalf, said that the asphalt will be repaved. Also discussed was a communication meeting to be set up with him and the neighborhood about giving the Shopping Center a “facelift”. Lauren stated that Mr. Metcalf never has a problem leasing the shopping center. June 14, 2013 Lauren has a meeting planned to discuss moving Pinney Library to another site, possibly Royster Clark or Grandview Commons. Plans for the Royster Clark location are on the City of Madison website. A prospective buyer for former Talula’s is interested to renovate into a Multicultural Funeral Home.

Suggestions were made for future neighborhood meeting speakers: Owner of the Multicultural Funeral Home, Library Director.

Pastor Baxter spoke about the Acewood Alliance Pantry with 6-7 households being served per week. 300 pounds of food is given out per week. He states that they would like to expand the hours but are in need of volunteers. The biggest need is paper products, butter, and ziplock baggies.

A motion was made by Mary Polancih to recommend a donation of a food/paper item to the Acewood Alliance Pantry at all neighborhood meetings. Darold Lowe seconded the motion.

President Tim Klaben spoke about and stated that 10% of the neighborhood are members. Previous meeting minutes were approved. Brat Sales dates have been changed to July 13 and September 14, 2013 with the times from 11:00- 5:30 p.m. Tim discussed changing the number of members of the board from (4) and expanding to (6) members. A vote will take place at the upcoming September 9th meeting. The Bylaws will have changes made to reflect.

Tree Trimming is currently being done in the neighborhood so everyone should be aware.

Jordy Natzke gave the Treasurers report stating a balance of $2900.27.


Respectfully submitted by Maureen Engelberger, Secretary.

AuthorWilliam Schuth
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